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What to

I offer an initial meeting, with no obligation, in order to give us a chance to meet and for you to talk about the issues that led you to think about therapy and for me to answer any questions you may have about how I work and the therapeutic process.


We will meet for 50 minutes after which time I will help you make a decision as to how we proceed based on my aim to get your needs and concerns met.


Should you or I feel that another therapist or a different discipline better serves your problem, I am in a position to refer you to one of a number of colleagues in the field of psychotherapy, medicine and/or complementary medicine with whom I closely work.


Should we decide to continue, whether it is time-limited or open-ended, we will both commit to the process of working together and I will strive to protect your interests and offer ongoing therapeutic support, free of judgement.


We will agree a day and time for our weekly 50-minute sessions and you will have the opportunity to discuss your situation in complete confidence and privacy.


We will look at your family history and relationships and reflect upon repeated patterns of behaviour and choices you have made that may not have been the most helpful to you in your life.


We may identify certain thinking styles that negatively influence your emotions and responses and I will help you develop skills that, ultimately, will enable you to be more self-aware, confident, independent and better equipped to cope with the future


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